The Future of Customer Service is Self-service

Today, enterprises are undergoing rapid digital transformation. As the world embraces a post-COVID-19 work scenario, companies are innovating their marketing, sales & customer support strategy to fit the scene. For any business to jump off the books, the adoption of new technologies is imperative. Now more than ever, imagination is important for devising and executing novel ways to bridge the gap of demand and supply. Innovative strategies that are effective are always catalyzed by technology – specifically automation. The power of AI enables organizations to scale and accelerate business functions. This results in efficiency and efficacy. The applications of artificial intelligence are endless. It is on thought leaders and decision-makers to understand and internalize the concept to think of new, innovative ways of decimating business issues, generating additional streams of revenue, and gaining a competitive edge. Enterprises that adapt and adjust their business models to incorporate digital technologies, re-imagine their customer journeys for the current and future needs, and implement AI solutions are the economic Moghuls of tomorrow.

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