Why disruptive technology is needed to protect from cloud era threats

Organizations are adopting cloud technologies faster than they can secure them against emerging cybersecurity threats.


Often understaffed security teams are reacting to a seemingly never-ending stream of alerts that impede their ability to anticipate and address very real risk signals hidden within the “noise.” They’re reliant on disparate, domain-specific security tools that lack context. They are weighed down by the time required to operationalize new security tools. And cloud providers and customers lack the shared responsibility needed to quickly nullify newly discovered threats.


IT leaders need to adopt a more proactive approach. Organizations can’t afford to be continuously reacting to the latest threats. They need a new strategy that’s both frictionless to deploy and provides complete visibility into an increasingly complex environment so they can protect their businesses.


This Tech Dossier examines the limitations of security strategies that project risk-prone tactics into new cloud environments, provides practical advice on embedding a shift-left security approach within an organization and highlights a new cloud-native security approach that moves teams into the proactive posture needed to remove risks before they become threats.

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