B2B marketers make use of Twitter lists that are curated after scrutinizing several Twitter profiles. These lists are kept together in user’s profile so as to use as and when needed. The lists help in categorizing and organizing the target audience to enhance and streamline the targeting activity thereby leading to stellar marketing campaigns. Once you’ve organized your list, here are five areas where you can leverage these to brace your marketing:


Customer personalization


The Twitter lists can be used by the organizations to make observations, be a part of discussions and connect with the accounts or prospects of the potential customers. The Twitter lists facilitate the B2B marketers to effectively carry the Twitter activity by focusing on sales-oriented profiles.


Build SEO links


The organizations can use Twitter lists to build links for SEO purposes. This can be done by maintaining healthy relationships with writers, website owners, bloggers, publishers and other influential people that help in securing good SEO score by guest posts and backlinks.


Influencer Marketing


Influential marketing is all the rage in the present scenario. The companies can use Twitter lists to facilitate influence marketing as it aids in finding opportunities and popular influencer. The Twitter list containing the names of influencers can then be used to directly communicate and engage with the influencer.


Employee Engagement


The companies can connect with their employees on Twitter and acknowledge their achievements. The Twittter lists of company’s own employees can be used to garner employee engagement that ultimately leads to better employee efficiency and retention rate.


Targeted Advertising


Just like any other social media platform, Twitter can be used to advertise your products and services among the target audience. You can use twitter lists to segregate your customer’s on the basis of their interests and send the feeds or promotional messages to only the target audience (single list).