The DevSecGuideto IaC Security

IaC for DevSecOps: The Pros, Cons & Considerations


DevSecOps is all about maintaining security without sacrificing productivity or speed – especially for teams that are leveraging modern, cloud-native technologies such as infrastructure as code (IaC).


IaC has become a popular way to predictably and consistently provision infrastructure. It also gives teams the ability to guarantee application security at the earliest stages in the development lifecycle, aka to shift cloud security left.


In this guide, we’ll explore the challenges of leveraging DevSecOps to secure the cloud and how IaC makes it all possible.


With research on the state of IaC security, advice for embracing a DevSecOps culture and practical tips for embedding IaC security guardrails throughout the DevOps lifecycle, this guide is perfect for anyone looking to take a more modern approach to cloud security.


Download the DevSecGuide to learn:


  • Key benefits and risks of IaC.
  • How to address DevSecOps challenges when leveraging IaC.
  • Where to embed cloud security at each step of the DevOps lifecycle and more!

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