Cortex: Proactive Security Operations from End-to-End

Security operations centers (SOCs) have been around for approximately 15 years,
yet have only become critical in the last five. With a need to prevent cyberattacks
and the adoption of centralized security operations (SecOps), security teams are
challenged by a lack of qualified personnel (staff, skills, knowledge), budgetary
constraints, and a barrage of complex solutions on the market.


Attacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated, and costly, driven by
the surge in ransomware. Unfortunately, attacks can go undetected for too
long, leading to increased dwell times and delayed investigation, mitigation,
or remediation. While reasons for operational inefficiencies differ among
organizations, common issues include:


  • Limited visibility into their devices, applications, networks, and systems
  • Not knowing which assets to protect
  • Not understanding which tools to use and how to integrate them with the
    existing infrastructure


In order to keep pace with threats on a global scale, and remain agile, security
teams are increasingly turning to comprehensive cloud-delivered solutions. This
approach enables tighter control of security operations, a holistic view of the
security posture, and an integrated best-in-class offerings for asset discovery,
vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioral monitoring, intelligence,
and automated response.

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