Miercom Test Champion: PA-3400 & PA-5400 Series Firewalls

Now, more than ever, organizations are looking for high-performance network security solutions that meet the needs of modern enterprises and outpace the speed of threat actors.


In addition, network administrators need to secure and protect networks from threats originating at the internet edge, as well as threats that have embedded in network traffic traversing the network.


Miercom, an independent network and security testing organization, put our fourth-generation PA-3400 and PA-5400 ML-Powered Next-Generation Series Firewalls and a similarly priced Fortinet firewall through rigorous testing. The results are clear. The PA-3400 and PA-5400 Series Firewalls:


  • Offer up to 1.3X faster throughput with security services enabled.
  • Bring superior real-world application traffic performance.
  • Lower TCO per MB secured.


Read the report to find out what was tested and how. Above all, make sure you’re getting uncompromising network security for your enterprise HQ and data center edge.

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