The Complete Oracle to Postgres Migration Guide: Move and Convert Schema, Applications and Data

Enterprises are increasingly making the move from Oracle databases to open source Postgres. This complete guide to migration gives you everything you need to know about moving your database from Oracle to Postgres.


For anyone on the fence or intimidated by the process of data migration, it recaps the advantages of Postgres over Oracle as a database system and the benefits of adopting Postgres, namely cost, flexibility and customizability. It then breaks the migration process down into individual phases (assessment, schema migration, functional testing, performance testing and data migration) and provides step-by-step instruction on each one. Key differences and incompatibilities between the two database systems are itemized to help users avoid common mistakes. Alternate migration strategies are also weighed, and a list of helpful free data migration tools is provided.


This guide is intended for anyone preparing to make the move from Oracle to Postgres, and should also provide assurance to any current Oracle users considering Postgres but concerned about the complexity of the move.

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