Elevate Your Employer Brand: Secrets from Marketing’s Toolkit

As attracting and retaining talent becomes ever more challenging, employer branding is front and center for the C-suite, not only for attracting candidates, but retaining existing employees and standing out among the competition. A strong employer brand is twice as likely to drive job consideration as the company brand and results in a 28% reduction in turnover.


Employer branding doesn’t just benefit from collaboration between talent acquisition and marketing; it demands it. Marketers have much to contribute, but they may not understand employee motivations or the nuances of day-to-day engagement. HR may be seasoned at employee experience (EX) but may lack campaign skills and the ability to connect EX to customer experience (CX). No matter where the ownership lies, marketing and HR must be closely connected.


In this on-demand webinar, guest speaker Dipanjan Chatterjee, vice president, and principal analyst at Forrester, shares his latest findings on the current state of employer branding, the unique benefits of including marketing, and upgrades to your conventional approach to maximize success. Whether you have marketing partners or just need to take on a marketing-mindset, you’ll wrap this thirty-minutes with actionable best practices to enhance your employer brand.

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