Building an Always Be Recruiting (ABR) Strategy

A record 47.4 million people voluntarily left their jobs during 2021. So even if all of your reqs are filled, there’s a very strong possibility you’ll need to backfill or add new hires as the year progresses. Competition for quality candidates is only going to get tougher. If the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics reports revealed anything, it’s that Omicron isn’t slowing down companies from hiring. As the Wall Street Journal noted in a recent economic article, there are roughly 60 unemployed people for every 100 job openings, meaning just about anyone who wants a job can find one.


In this thirty-minute on-demand webinar, Monster will explain step-by-step how to adopt an Always Be Recruiting (ABR) strategy to stay ahead of the quitting trend and be ready to hire the newest available talent. We’ll walk through each stage of the candidate journey and actionable tactics you can take – both internally and externally – to boost retention, build your candidate pipeline, and respond to candidate signaling.

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