How Power over Ethernet (PoE) Will Impact Enterprise Networks and HowTo Support It In Premise Networks

According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018-2023)1, global M2M connections will grow 2.4-fold, from 6.1 billion in 2018 to 14.7 billion by 2023, and there will be 1.8 M2M connections for each member of the global population by 2023. 


Additionally, connected home applications, such as home automation, home security and video surveillance, connected white goods, and tracking applications, will represent 48 percent, or nearly half, of the total M2M connections by 2023.

For the network engineers responsible for designing and managing the enterprise and premise networks upon which these and countless other connections will depend, especially when it comes to ensuring availability and speed of these networks to business users, there are a number of technologies that should be considered when planning network upgrades.


This white paper, by Chatsworth Products (CPI), summarizes one such technology—Power over Ethernet (PoE)—and its impact on the physical premise network, while highlighting the most recent advancements in cable management and equipment storage that will help with network upgrades and ensure a smooth, reliable deployment of PoE-enabled systems that are poised to become instrumental in the fast-rising world of M2M connections highlighted above and beyond.

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