Effective CISO Presentations to the Board: Top Tips & Checklist

As a CISO, you have crucial info to convey about cyber risk, and your board wants to hear it.


In a recent Diligent survey, we asked directors to name the issue that gives them the most concern if they were to confront it in a crisis. Cybersecurity topped the list by a huge majority, at 75%, with supply chain disruption coming in a distant second at 46%.


Yet 41% of our respondents also told us that cybersecurity is the most challenging issue to oversee — even above other complex issues such as talent, culture, leadership succession and transition, diversity and inclusion, and climate risk.


Corporate leaders must be prepared with sound cybersecurity practices, which are critical for a company’s bottom line. How can you as a CISO make sure that nothing important gets lost in translation in your communications with these leaders while building strong relationships for the future?

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