The State of Security in a Hybrid Work Environment

The years 2020 and 2021 have seen a significant rise in cyberattacks and incidents, with many directly exploiting the work from home situation. As the workforce has become so distributed, legacy security architectures have proven themselves inadequate in this expanded set of use cases. Businesses globally are finding themselves increasingly exposed, placing security teams under immense pressure; but as this study reveals, many of these teams have risen to the challenge phenomenally well. If we can cite one silver lining of the mass work from home event, it has been the renewed priority and focus organizations have placed on cybersecurity. Security is now a vital, shared responsibility that spans from individuals to IT, supply chains and the c-suite.


Ultimately, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for change for cybersecurity teams across the world, and our study goes some way towards proving that in 2021, the cybersecurity lifecycle has become a truly collaborative affair, extending into almost every aspect of the business. We have much to be thankful for to the security leaders who have steered us safely through heightened risks during the pandemic, often accelerating transformation plans from several years to realizing demonstrable benefits in months. Of course, our work in cybersecurity is never done – and we need to be prepared for the next set of challenges.

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