Check Point 2023 Cyber Security Report

In 1976, Queen Elizabeth II sent the first royal email. It was sent over ARPANET, 7 years before the internet was invented, and a long 13 years before the first recorded internet hack.


Almost 50 years later, email has evolved into a popular communication method, and the most popular vehicle for threat actors to initiate their attacks. In fact, the Check Point Research (cp<r>) annual Security Report shows that in 2022, the proportion of email-delivered-attacks has increased, reaching a staggering record of 86% of all file-based attacks in-the-wild.


Check Point Software is committed to ensuring our customers are provided the best and prevention-first security across all these vectors. At Check Point Research, we are happy to provide this annual Security Report to help in raising awareness and vigilance, so that we can all join hands in preventing the next cyberattack.

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