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Fill your sales pipeline with access to 30 million pre-qualified purchasing decision makers.

ECT News Network鈥檚 full-service marketing programs deliver sales-ready leads.
鈥⒙犅燛-Commerce 路 Enterprise IT 路 Cybersecurity 路 CRM 路 Sales 路 Marketing 路 Finance 路 HR
鈥⒙犅燗ccount Based Marketing (ABM) 路 Content Syndication 路 Webinar Promotion
鈥⒙犅燬egment by Geography 路 Industry 路 Company Size 路 Revenue 路 Job Title 鈥 and More
鈥⒙犅燘uyer Intent 路 Behavioral 路 Install-Base Data 路 MQL 路 SQL 路 BANT

Customer service oriented and easy to work with
鈥⒙犅燱e provide recommended scripts and touch points for efficient conversion.
鈥⒙犅燙ost Per Lead (CPL) Pricing
鈥⒙犅燛asy Returns and Replacements
鈥⒙犅100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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