Execute highly personalised campaigns that deepen customer relationships

With customers increasingly interacting with FSI organisations from a growing range of digital platforms, marketers should be focusing their efforts on ensuring all digital touchpoints work together to form a seamless, secure, and personalised customer journey.


But the prevalence of manual processes, inefficient systems and a lack of in-house resource presents a real challenge to the evolution of this journey – and as it stands, only 4% of CMOs have confidence in the efficiency of their campaign execution.


Technology is helping to overcome these challenges. By gathering insights based on personas and their individual pain points to create automated, personalised and timely interactions across multiple channels, leading FSIs are already seeing a positive financial impact.


This webinar spotlights one such FSI: BNY Mellon.


In the session, we’ll hear insights from their transformation journey, including the lessons learned on their path to success, the importance of great processes, and how they maximised ROI in campaigns. Andy Mulling, BNY’s Head of Demand Operations, will also share actionable tips to help you leverage digital tools to make your marketing campaigns work smarter and more effectively.

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